It was never about the Mess Mama❤️

Have you ever found yourself pulling your hair out or holding your face really tightly after finding yet another shoe to pick up, dish to wash, or yelling to your child yet AGAIN to do something for the 100th time that week. I think all of us can relate to this one. The never ending mess and list of things to do. It never seems to go away and we never seem able to make a dent. No matter how organized or productive we may be there always seems to be something lurking around the corner. And we get frustrated, we lose our shit, we feel guilty, and we know at some point we are gonna do it again. And we blame it on the mess. It was never about the mess Mama. It was about never never having time for yourself. Never finishing a task and feeling accomplished. Never feeling good enough.  Never feeling appreciated. Trying to be perfect and please everybody. Pushing ourself beyond our limits. And realizing you can’t do it all…

How do we fit it all in? Will I ever feel “done”? Will I ever be told thank you? Will I ever feel like enough? Will my head stop spinning? Will I ever stop feeling overwhelmed!

Yes to all of the above Mama. Find a comfy, quiet place and repeat after me.

Slow down. It’s ok for me to take time for myself. It’s important for my well being. It’s not selfish it’s self care. Close your eyes. Breath in breath out Slow the worrying, slow the racing thoughts, focus on your breathing, on your body, on your hands, clench those fists (dismiss any thoughts that come to mind) hold Release Shrug your shoulders and hold Release Breath in hold for Release Repeat as many times as it helps to relax and relieve tension from your body, your muscles, and your mind. When your finished open your eyes and take a moment to decide what your next step is. And pat yourself on the back mama you just completed a 4.7.8 breathing exercise and a mini progressive muscle relaxation exercise. 🙌🏻 be grateful for you. For this moment. For your ability to prioritize yourself for once and sneak in a few minutes of self care. That’s of course if you didn’t pass out from all the breathing in and out it can take a little practice.

There are so many benefits to building in self care. Decreasing anxiety, depression, and emotional eating. Sleeping better, increased concentration, and less tension. Being present, being more patient, having more energy! It helps you be your best version of you for them and they are so worth it!

Rarely in our busy mama lives do we tell our family hold that thought I’m breathing here. But if we practice building in time for ourselves everyday and stop making excuses not to take care of ourselves we can find the TIME. You can do this walking up the stairs, in the shower, in the bathroom, before you go to bed, before you get up, while your cooking dinner. It’s portable! :)I can’t count how many times I have heard I don’t have time. NOBODY has time Mama and if it’s important to you then you will make time too. It’s your choice, what are you going to choose?

Until next time. Happy Living, Happy Laughing, Happy Loving!


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