Hey Mama

Hello there, and welcome to my blog. My name is Jessica and Im a married mama of 4, twin mom to boot of 3 year old Girls, Boy Mom, Stepmom, full time Therapist, Food Enthusiast, Fitness Guru, and Live in the Moment Lover. I always say there isn’t much I haven’t seen or heard in my line of work but then again I’m always surprised by someone new.  So I wear many hats like all of us mamas do and one of them happens to be being a full time Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  Now I am not here to “put anyone through therapy” or counsel anyone with my “psychobabble” as my husband would say:) But over my 12 years in doing this I’ve learned a thing or two about helping others. I’ve used some of it in my own crazy life and coached many friends along the way with some simple advice. So pull up a seat, hide in the bathroom, or visit me when you have a second to breath. Relax, smile it releases positive energy into your soul, and take a deep breath! Let’s see what’s on the docket for today’s blog shall we! Much love to you mama and thanks for the visit to my world…Happy Living, Happy Laughing, Happy Loving!


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